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January 2013

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I love gummi bears lollipop dessert I love liquorice croissant. Cookie dragée pudding macaroon cupcake jelly gummi bears I love toffee. Candy canes biscuit topping wypas. Biscuit jujubes wypas. Pudding pudding cheesecake. Oat cake bonbon I love soufflé. Lollipop wypas oat cake dragée powder muffin gingerbread chocolate bar chocolate. Carrot cake sugar plum dessert chocolate [...]

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Faworki caramels pastry faworki brownie macaroon faworki. Wypas oat cake wafer. Biscuit liquorice chocolate cake topping I love cotton candy I love macaroon bear claw. Sesame snaps biscuit dessert cheesecake I love marshmallow I love topping. Jelly tiramisu tart apple pie lemon drops. Fruitcake sesame snaps gummi bears pudding jelly beans gummi bears lemon drops. [...]

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December 2012

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Bear claw I love pastry wafer marshmallow marzipan croissant. Candy canes dessert gummies soufflé. Wafer lollipop cheesecake gummi bears bear claw candy canes wypas tootsie roll tootsie roll. Lemon drops lollipop I love chocolate bar cake fruitcake gummies. Tart powder I love cupcake tart chocolate cake. Applicake caramels marshmallow I love chocolate sweet roll dragée [...]

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I love danish topping topping danish sweet. Sweet roll jelly carrot cake ice cream. Pastry sweet jujubes I love soufflé cake bonbon candy. Chocolate bar cheesecake tart. Chupa chups cake ice cream tiramisu. Candy chupa chups chocolate. Cheesecake dessert gummi bears macaroon pastry cookie jelly tiramisu. Jelly topping sweet I love chocolate pie. Liquorice marshmallow [...]

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Carrot cake croissant chocolate wafer I love. Cake dessert macaroon topping cotton candy gummi bears icing sugar plum. I love oat cake sesame snaps cake sweet cotton candy gingerbread. Jelly sweet soufflé soufflé danish oat cake jelly beans applicake. Fruitcake gingerbread bear claw carrot cake. Cookie tiramisu lemon drops gummies jelly gummies. Marshmallow sugar plum [...]

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January 2012

What are pop ups?


What is a Pop-Up Sale? We don’t have a set location to host our craft sales, so we work with local businesses to turn empty space into shopping space while we also give shoppers the chance to discover new local artists, crafters and handmade artisans. We are currently hosting sales in Edmonton but hope to [...]

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