Can we take on the Butterdome Craft Sale for awesome crowds?

We were so busy last weekend trying to hit Royal Bison and 3 other craft sales to show our support for our Mercer Collective vendors from the past year and to get our own Christmas shopping done.

Thankfully Edmonton is easy to get around and we had outstanding weather this past weekend. What’s next for On the Spot Pop Ups?

Well we are gearing down for two very full back to back weekends at Mercer Warehouse. We are competing with  Butterdome Craft Sale this weekend but we are sure that we can still bring a good crowd for our over 40 Edmonton area artists, artisans and designers. Plus we have live music, gift bags, treats and prizes throughout the weekend.

Make sure you come see us!

10 am to 4 pm SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!

10359 104 St Edmonton

Free admission!