Welcome to Artwalk!

We are located at the city run parking lot on the north-east corner of Gateway Blvd and Whyte Ave.

Artwalk is open from 10AM-5PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (July 5-7) We tear down and set up every day.

Set up starts at 8:15AM – please do not come before 8:15AM and start setting up. We can stay later than 5PM if there is still lots of people. We take our cues from the artists across the street.

Load In

As you arrive to the parking lot drive in and follow the directions of the organizers. Quickly unload your vehicle and then move your vehicle out of the parking lot (prior to setting up your booth). This way all vendors can easily access the area and unload their vehicles. We can watch your stuff so it doesn’t go missing. Do not leave your car in the parking lot.

There are three types of spaces and we will load vendors into each area as they arrive. There are no predefined locations, but you will be in the same space each day of ArtWalk. We will be there at 8:15AM to direct you. Please do not set up until you have confirmed your location with Jasmin or Marissa.

Please note that if you arrive after 9AM you will not be able to enter the parking lot to unload your vehicle as other vendors will need to set up in the entrance and exit area. If you arrive after 9AM you will need to load in from the street, or bring your items from where you park your vehicle.

Load Out

At the end of the day when you are ready to leave, please pack up your goods and take down your tent prior to getting your vehicle. As the entrance and exit to the parking lot will be filled with vendors it will be difficult to get into the parking lot to pack up your car until everyone has packed up their belongings and moved them out of the vehicle drive lanes.

Artwalk Passes

We have Artwalk passes – these will give you access to the bathrooms at participating businesses in the area, although we are located next to the public washrooms. We will give the badges to you Friday morning.

Your Space

There are three types of spaces this year and all booths will open to the centre of the parking lot.

Solo 10×5 spaces will be located along the entrance on the south side of the parking lot.

10×10 spaces will be on either side of the lot in what would normally be the parking stalls.

Shared 10×5 spaces will be at the north end of the parking lot, by the exit.


There is no parking available in the lot where the pop up is being held. After unloading your car at the pop up location you will need to immediately move your car to one of the other parking lots in the area or the surrounding residential community.

There may also be some paid street parking.

Getting there

The entrance to the pop up location is just north of Whyte Ave (82 Ave) on Gateway Blvd. The entrance to the lot is on the east side of Gateway Blvd, just north of the public washroom building. It is a one way drive through lot with the exit on 83 Ave.