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June 2014

MADE in CANADA – September 27 On the Spot at Latitude 53 + Etsy


In April we were so lucky to be asked to visit Etsy headquarters in Toronto! Jasmin and I flew out to meet so many talented and creative team captains from across the country and learn how Etsy works from the inside out. The best part of this partnership is we are turning our September 27 [...]

MADE in CANADA – September 27 On the Spot at Latitude 53 + Etsy2014-06-27T16:48:33+00:00

February 2014

Update: Community Workshop in Edmonton


February 2014 Update: We launched an IndieGoGo campaign in December to start fundraising. It raised an amazing first start of $7200 plus we received many emails and donations of tools we could use the workshop. We want to build a permanent retail and maker’s space. Those who have no room or budget for heavy equipment [...]

Update: Community Workshop in Edmonton2014-02-24T19:21:52+00:00

Ready to Get Creative, Edmonton?


February is one of our coldest months in Edmonton and this February the cold seems to be dragging on forever. Thank goodness though that Edmonton is a city of projects and we have some great "make something" projects & exhibitions for you to try.  We've put together a list of our favourites so  you can [...]

Ready to Get Creative, Edmonton?2014-02-01T23:57:59+00:00

January 2014

Edmonton Community Workshop


We have been generating a lot of interest with our idea of creating a shared workspace for Edmonton's Made Local community - from inquiries about how to contribute, how to get a membership, and how can they help spread the word. We are getting postcards and posters printed! Magnets and Stickers are on their way! [...]

Edmonton Community Workshop2014-01-10T19:45:53+00:00

December 2013

Edmonton Christmas Craft Sales


Can we take on the Butterdome Craft Sale for awesome crowds? We were so busy last weekend trying to hit Royal Bison and 3 other craft sales to show our support for our Mercer Collective vendors from the past year and to get our own Christmas shopping done. Thankfully Edmonton is easy to get around [...]

Edmonton Christmas Craft Sales2013-12-02T17:43:07+00:00

August 2013

Permanent Maker’s Space – Edmonton


With the successful launch of Mercer Collective and our other pop ups around Edmonton, we are now looking to fill a niche that Edmonton needs. We want to build a permanent retail and maker's space. Edmontonians who have no room or budget for heavy equipment will now be able to come work on projects, make [...]

Permanent Maker’s Space – Edmonton2013-08-09T05:21:04+00:00

Music at Mercer Collective – August 10


We’re very excited to announce the musicians for the August 10th show! We have 3 new musicians coming out to the Mercer Collective on the 10th and we’re very happy to have them, From 10 AM to 12 PM we have Brady Simpson, a local musician, photographer, and artist playing for us. He will also be [...]

Music at Mercer Collective – August 102013-08-09T05:18:04+00:00

January 2013

Standard Post Format


Jelly halvah croissant carrot cake jelly beans. I love cheesecake chocolate cake marzipan caramels halvah. Muffin chocolate lemon drops candy macaroon bear claw. Chupa chups I love sugar plum caramels. Carrot cake cake pastry pie sugar plum liquorice. Marzipan candy marzipan apple pie tootsie roll. Cupcake jelly wypas wafer sugar plum fruitcake. Sweet brownie powder [...]

Standard Post Format2013-01-20T18:32:45+00:00

Gallery Post Format


Chocolate cake tart icing chupa chups I love lemon drops I love. Tiramisu tootsie roll bear claw cake sweet soufflé I love. Tart marshmallow gummi bears lemon drops muffin. Gummi bears dessert marshmallow macaroon jelly beans pudding. Applicake bear claw cake dragée lollipop chocolate cake tart cupcake chocolate. Dragée wypas danish lemon drops I love [...]

Gallery Post Format2013-01-18T12:56:11+00:00

Audio Post Format


Apple pie bear claw croissant I love apple pie halvah apple pie I love. Cupcake carrot cake I love pastry I love halvah. Fruitcake lemon drops oat cake I love cookie I love. Dessert dessert apple pie. Apple pie chupa chups pudding. Tart pudding chocolate. Jelly-o candy brownie jelly marshmallow I love jelly-o wypas. Apple [...]

Audio Post Format2013-01-14T11:24:15+00:00
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