Welcome to On the Spot Pop Ups at Artwalk

We have been partnering with Artwalk for over a decade and want to share with you the best ways you can use this weekend to boost your business not just for this event but beyond


Marketing is how you let people know where to find you at Artwalk, what to expect and what to look for. You can even pre-sell online and have people pick up at the show!

At the Show

Being prepared for all of the elements and making sure your display, tent, tables and things you’re selling are market ready.

Follow Up

Meeting people at Artwalk is a great way to build your business whether you sell to them that weekend or after. Let’s go through your marketing to make sure you have a great weekend


Using social media or your email list, tell people you are at the show! We are going to be located at Southside Memorial. You can right-click these and save to your computer and share so people know where you are

Canva Templates

If you use Canva, here is a link to these templates. You can add photos of your items to these templates and share. If you don’t have Canva and still want some branded photos with Artwalk details on them, send photos of your items to hello@onthespotpopups.com and we will send some back to you within 24 hours.


Use the Hashtags #OntheSpotPopUps #OntheSpotArtwalk so we can re-post you before, during and after the show. For Artwalk tags use #yegartwalk, #yegarts and #yegartwalk2024. You can also use tags like #yegmade

Pre-Sell & Pick Up at the Show

Lots of artists sell their art online before the show and people can come to Artwalk to pick it up. This is a great way for them to save on shipping but also while they are there picking up their pieces from you, they are more likely to add to their order. Definitely use this option if you have selling online in your business!

Your Hosts



At the Show

Your Show Hosts are Jasmin and Marissa. We will be there helping you set up and throughout the weekend as needed.

Vendor spaces are semi- assigned. Because of the openness of the parking lot we have three rows of 10 x 10 tents and we assign people a row as they come in so we can line up the tents properly. Once you have your spot on Friday, that will be your spot for the rest of the weekend. If you can’t make one of the days, we will put you towards the west end of the parking lot.

Exact location is: South Side Memorial Chapel, 8310 – 104 Street. We are on the South Side of the Funeral Home. There is a parking lot across the street to the funeral home with Precise Parking. It is $6 from 6AM-6PM. Spots are limited there. There may also be parking right next door but some years it hasn’t been open so plan accordingly.

You can drive in to unload, but please don’t leave your car in the funeral home parking lot and do not park on the other side of the funeral home where the church is. Try to unload quickly and park. We can watch your stuff while you park.

Please note: To get in to the space, come south on Calgary Trail/ 104 St. You will see a pull through in front of the Church on your right, please enter through either of these exits. You can exit behind the building into the Alley and turn left on 84 Ave, to come around and park on the one-way on 83 Ave.

Market dates are July 12, 13 & 14, 2023. Hours are 10 AM – 5 PM Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Set up time starts at 8 AM and tear down is after 5 PM. The market is rain or shine (just like Artwalk) so be prepared for weather!

Please note if you do not bring adequate weights for your tent, you will not be permitted to put up a tent

Don’t forget to bring your table, tent, and chair! We don’t have spares to loan out unfortunately.

You can use the washrooms and get water at the Artwalk Compound located in the Walterdale Theatre Parking lot with the Artwalk Badge I will give you.

You will receive a badge from me that is an official Artwalk badge on the Friday of Artwalk when you load in. Please use this badge to get access to the Artwalk washrooms.

Please do be respectful of the funeral home space. They have very graciously shared their space with us for the duration of Art Walk and we definitely want to express our gratitude toward them and be respectful of them and their space.

Marissa’s Phone Number is 780-264-0269 if you need her during the show.

Bring to the Market:

  • Battery Chargers/Battery Banks
  • Square or Card Terminal
  • Cashbox (protect the location, lots of theft happen) We usually bring floats of $100-200 per day
  • Bags & wrapping
  • Water
  • Paper towel
  • Tarps for rain
  • Snacks
  • Blanket or sweater in case its cold
  • Optional: Outdoor broom – in case there is garbage, rain or mud.
  • Tent
  • Tables + Chairs
  • Table covers
  • Displays – boxes and crates work well for height on tables. It can be windy so be prepared to weigh things down.
  • Zap straps
  • Tent Leg Weights: Recommended at least 40lbs. Don’t rely on just strapping to your tables. Tents fly. No Tent Weights, No Show
  • Smiles, happy hellos and a willingness to help out your neighbour. We’re in this together over the 3 days.

After the Show

Make sure it easy for people to find you or buy from you again! Things to think about for signage and marketing material to hand out.

  • Have a picture frame with all of your contact info on it so people can take a picture of it. Business Cards get lost. Pictures stay on the phone.
  • Have a QR code on the picture frame people can scan to go to your social media or email and opt-in to follow you.
  • Label all of your products. If they buy from you, how do they buy again from you?
  • Bring wrapping and bags. See-thru recycle bags work well for over-sized items. People can see what others have bought through them as they walk around.
  • Ask people if they want to be on your email list at checkout – Square usually has an option for them to check if they do.

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