1. What do you make?

My speciality is handcrafted bow ties for babies and children. I also make chiffon hair clips for little girls and unique canvas car seat canopies. My newest and most popular item are my rustic and natural wooden bow ties!

2. Why do you make what you make?nest1

I love contributing to our local handmade market by creating unique accessories with a bit of a modern twist. I shop for unique items and I know there’s lots of people like me out there so that’s why I make what I make!

3. What’s your favourite item you make?

My favorite item to make are my bow ties. My bow ties are different because I use special prints, fabrics and materials that you can’t find anywhere else. Each Dear Fawn bow tie is special – Some are vintage fabrics that date back to the 1950s and some are limited edition prints. I am in love with my wooden bow ties! My wooden bow ties have been a huge success in fashionable cities like New York and LA! I am so happy to be spreading the love here in my home town.

4. Pick your favourite local maker (besides yourself).

My favorite maker is Jennifer Izquierdo’s Little Day Miniatures. She hand sculpts tiny food (and now garden plants!) with polymer clay. She is so inspiring to me and if you ever meet her, you will see that she is truly such an amazing individual!

5. What do you love about Edmonton?

I love Edmonton’s strong and supportive crafting community! I feel blessed to be a part of it 🙂