1. What do you make?

I paint robots. Acrylic on canvas.

2. Why do you make what you make?1977416_10152357171654634_971616875093215670_n

I love the idea of the cold, hard robot with the great big heart and all the emotions that come with it. Sometimes they’re up, sometimes they’re down.

3. What’s your favourite item you make?

One of my absolute favourites is a robot I paint under a great big, full moon. My husband spends a lot of time out of time for work, but we remind each other that we’re always under the same moon. Just like us, the robots sometimes need to be reminded that the distance isn’t so great.

4. Pick your favourite local maker (besides yourself).

I think it has to be a three way split – Salgado Fenwick, Robin Light and Justine Ma

5. What do you love about Edmonton?

I think my favourite thing about Edmonton is watching the city come alive with spring. Winter is so long and (this year especially) so cold that spring is such a welcome change. And the summer festivals, so much fun! And the restaurants, so tasty. And, of course, there’s the Mercer On the Spot Makers’ Markets!