1. What do you make?

I’m an artist who paints with acrylic on canvas.

2. Why do you make what you make?

I have always enjoyed painting, I have been painting since I was a teenager. A painting for me is like capturing that special place or object that you want to share with others.Unknown Lake #3

3. What’s your favourite item you make?

I enjoy painting landscapes. I also enjoy making my own canvas frames. I reclaim unusable 2×4 boards from construction sites destined for the landfill to make my frames.

4. Pick your favourite local maker (besides yourself).

Mosaic’s by Margo, I have several pieces of her work, including a custom made candle holder.

5. What do you love about Edmonton?

I love the Edmonton river valley trail system, it’s a great place to get a way for a while, without leaving the city.