What do you make?

I’m an artist and illustrator.

Why do you make what you make?

I love art and creating things people will enjoy. I love colour and expressing feelings and thoughts with my art.

What’s your favourite item you make?TimeFluttersAlongBy_LShulba

Probably my poppy paintings, there is just so much joy and love when I create them. I am also working in a new series of “Queen” illustrations..they are so much fun and whimsical!

Pick your favourite local maker (besides yourself)!

I love people who make handmade items using wool and fabrics. I’m not a textile artist and really respect those who work in that medium.

What do you love about Edmonton?

I love the river valley and how there is so much awesome talent here in the city! I also love these markets that have popped up this spring now that winter is over. It’s great to see that Edmontonians love to support local makers and artisans!