First of all – thank you for joining us. This is our inaugural year of organizing the Made in Alberta – Edmonton Winter Market at the Shaw Conference centre and the 6th anniversary for On the Spot Pop Ups, bringing made local markets to the Edmonton area.

We started doing markets because there wasn’t a focus on made local. Over 6 years later we are astounded as our database of made local makers is over 500.

We keep our markets on the lower investment scale which means we don’t have a large margin for a lot of extras but what we do invest in is marketing and media.

This year we decided to host a larger winter market at the Shaw Conference Centre. We love the Shaw as our venue for our Etsy Made in Canada shows where we connect thousands of Edmontonians with made local vendors.


November 17 10AM-5PM

November 18 11AM-4PM (Vendor shopping from 10am – 11am)


Admission to the show is $5 cash for people 16 yrs and older. 15 and under are free.
We donate 25% of all door admissions to The Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, a professional collective of artists with developmental disabilities. Please talk about this in your promotions as we want to give The Nina lots of exposure but it also explains why we charge to get into the show (besides paying for the cost of the show haha)

This year we also selling tickets in advance through Eventbrite:


Parking is available in the Grierson Hill parking lot, directly across from the Shaw centre.
Other nearby paid parking;

  • Canada Place impark: 9720 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 4B2 – $15 from midnight to 5PM on Saturday
  • Impark: 10135 100 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0N7 – $24 for the day
  • Diamond Parking: 9939 Jasper Ave #100, Edmonton, AB T5J 2W8


If you need dedicated Wifi for the day, it is $90. Please email hello@onthespotpopups.com for more information on this.

Square works fine on a cellphone data. If your cash machine tethers to your cell phone, you will be fine.


There are 6 ATMS on our floor of the Shaw and more throughout the building. Bring a cash box, people still use cash at these events.


We are providing only pipe and drape as a backdrop of your space so you won’t see your neighbour behind you but there is no official separation between your neighbours beside you. There are no tables or chairs provided.

Yes, if you have a 10 x 10 space you can bring your tent to use as hanging or display help. We recommend taking the roof cover off so you get maximum light. You can also build walls from pallets or other materials just make sure they are sturdy. If you have a 10 x 5 space and the person behind you is a 10 x 5 and wants to share a tent frame with you to hang lights or products – go for it. the Tent has to be higher than 8 ft to go over the backdrop though.

Back drop Colour:


If you want to rent additional pipe and drape, tables, chairs, or other fixtures GES is the conference centre’s supplier. Here are our show prices and the order form. You can fill it out and send a copy to them to place your order. Please send another copy to us, or at least a copy of your confirmation invoice from GES, because when we do our show set up we will need to know you’ve got stuff coming in. You can leave the Booth # field blank when submitting your order form. We will coordinate with GES to ensure they know where your order belongs.



Electricity is up to $175. We can give you access to Electricity and we will split the cost among makers who need it BUT we only have it in a couple of rows, so there are limited spaces available. If you absolutely want/need electricity, email us at hello@onthespotpopups.com and we will send you an additional invoice to cover that cost once we know everyone who needs electricity.

If you can, plan for battery operated or rechargeable lights if your booth needs light. If you absolutely need electricity – email us.


Please use the hashtags and tag our accounts as much as you can so we can share what you are bringing.

Invite your friends to our Facebook event – https://www.facebook.com/events/387190798374156/




You can also email hello@onthespotpopups.com if you would like handbills or posters or check the Facebook group to see who is helping out as a pick up location.




Some customers will have what we call Market Bucks. We use these in promotions and contests leading up to the show and sometimes to our volunteers. It is a dollar off any maker in the show. If you get one of these Market Bucks, just take the flat amount off ($5 or $10) and then keep the Market Bucks. We will reimburse you at the show for any that you take in.


Spaces are 10 x 10, 10 x 5 , 20 x 5, 20 x 10.

  • 10 feet wide by 5 feet deep.
  • 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep.
  • 20 feet wide x 5 feet deep
  • 20 feet wide x 10 feet deep.

There is a backdrop this year so you will not see your neighbour behind you but there is no separation between you and your neighbours beside you. We do this because we want a nice open and inviting feel to the market, not tiny little boxes that keep customers out. We decided to do the backdrop this year to help people hang signs but also to help customers focus on their shopping a little better. It’s an experiment and we might not have it next year 🙂

Get creative. People love booths with height and story. Having your items on a flat table will not sell. Use the Etsy Edmonton FB group to plan and be ready.











Load in will be Saturday November 17, 2018.

Load in will be at set times that you will be able to choose the Sunday prior to the show (November 11, 2018). The available load in times are – 6:30AM, 7:30AM, 8:30AM.

All makers have to be in the hall and loaded in by 9:15 AM as the loading dock will be shut.

As you pull up to the dock, volunteers will help you unload (we’ve rented dollies for the day) and take your items to your space. You will then park if you need to and come back to the hall to your space. Volunteers will be around to help you – please ask for help as you need it.

BOOK ONLINE >> The online booking link will be available the Sunday prior to the show weekend. We will email everyone when the link is available. You will get a confirmation email with your booked time so if you forget what you booked, please check your email before emailing us to ask. 

There are three time slots beginning at 6.30/7.30/8.30 Please come at your selected time. We need you to unload in the loading dock where one of our volunteers will meet you with a dolly.

The total time your vehicle will be in the actual loading dock is 10 minutes. In order for us to do that and get everyone in on time, we need your help in following this process exactly.

  1. Please drive the entire fire escape route until you get to the Dock Area. Do not stop along this route! You will come into the loading dock and check in with the volunteer. They will give you a sticky note to give to the volunteers who will help you unload your car. They will also direct you to a line where you will park and unload. Please bring your own dolly if you have them but we have extras to ensure your car is completely unloaded in one trip. You may not leave your car unattended at any point.
  2. The volunteer(s) will then take your items to your spot in the room. You will drive your car to your parking space and come back to the Shaw. You can enter through the main doors on Jasper, through the pedway from Canada Place or through the glass doors facing Grierson Hill.
    If you are being dropped off you can come with your items at that time as long as your car is not unattended in the loading area.

If you are bringing a trailer – please be considerate of other cars coming. Pull in straight into your lane and pull up close to any vehicle in front of you.

We ideally will have anywhere between 9-12 cars being unloaded around you. Please be aware of your surroundings and listen to Kreg who will be the main dock marshall in the loading area. We have also hired men from the Shaw who will help us load in and out. We have rented 20 extra flat deck dollies to help assist you in unloading your items in one trip.

Your time slot is the entire hour. If you arrive at the start of the hour but 25 people arrived ahead of you we work as people pull in. Please be patient, you will be unloaded quickly. Remember we are loading in over 200 vendors in less than three hours. WE HAVE DONE THIS FOR THREE YEARS NOW – TRUST THAT WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING.

Please do not come early for any of your spots! We will wave you through the line until your time because we have an entire system built on the time slots. PLEASE respect this – we’ve done this before and we know how to get it done so that everyone is in and able to set up.

Parking is available in the Grierson Hill parking lot, directly across from the Shaw centre.
Other nearby paid parking;

  • Canada Place impark: 9720 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 4B2 – $15 from midnight to 5PM on Saturday
  • Impark: 10135 100 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0N7 – $24 for the day
  • Diamond Parking: 9939 Jasper Ave #100, Edmonton, AB T5J 2W8



Do I need to bring my own Dolly?
Yes! We can use them and you’ll need them for load out.

What if we have two cars coming with our stuff?
No problem! The driver of each car will tell the volunteer which company name or vendor name they are with and will be unloaded and items sent to your space. No need to arrive at the same time.

What if I want to go with my items to my booth space?
No problem! Just make arrangements to have someone else park your car for you so we can get another maker in and unloaded. Cars can not be left unattended in the loading zone.

I want to help other makers load in after I get loaded in!

No problem! Make sure you get your stuff set up in plenty of time then come over to the dock and pitch in. You’ll get a special thank you treat for doing so. It’s delicious.

Will there be help loading out as well?
Yes we will have some volunteers to help but because people pack up at different rates we are not organizing set load outs. Please do not block the exit when you load out


  • Load Out is between 4PM-8PM on Sunday. We don’t really want to be there till 8PM but we have the Shaw booked until then.
  • If you are being picked up, you will tell your driver to wait in the parking lot on Grierson Hill until you are ready. You will call them and let them know when you are at the loading dock. They will tell our volunteer in the parking lot your company name and they will be advised when they can enter the parking lot.
  • Pack Your Entire Booth before getting your vehicle and bring your items to the loading dock. Do not block the ramps in the loading or the ramps to get out of the loading dock.
  • Cars are not to be left unattended in the loading area. If you need a volunteer to stay with your items while you get your car, please find one and ask for them to stay. We will have volunteers hovering to assist in this regard.
  • When bringing your car into the loading area, do not block the exit ramp!
  • No loading out of the glass doors, you MUST use the loading dock.
  • Cars waiting in the loading area prior to booths being packed, may be asked to circle until you are ready to load your car.
  • More details will be provided in September


As per the contract you agreed to upon initial payment for this show – there are no refunds. People ask us why – well the venues we choose cost money. We have to pay that fee no matter what. We plan costs around an average of how many makers we put in the space. We also have year long marketing costs that are already paid out. We plan these costs a year out, just like you do for your business. Your show fee is often spent long before the show happens in order to make sure the space is there, the marketing is there and the customers are there.

If you can not make this show, please email hello@onthespotpopups.com so we can either fill your space or adjust our map accordingly. Please do not just not show up as it affects your fellow makers.

Because the show is curated, please do not offer to fill your space with someone else. Your products and you were picked for a reason because we think you would make our show awesome. We put a lot of work into making sure the show has the best makers and products so our customers keep coming back. We don’t just fill space – we create an amazing experience for everyone.