When you apply to shows you agree to our terms & conditions.

Thank you for you applying! You help us build a thriving maker economy in Edmonton.



  1. These are juried shows. Vendors must submit 2-5 photos of their work. This includes all categories you intend to sell. If you do photography AND jewelry – we want to see both photography prints AND jewelry. If you screenprint your photography on wood signs, we want to know about the wood signs as well.
  2. ONLY HANDMADE ITEMS or UPCYCLED (or select vintage) ARE PERMITTED FOR SALE THIS SHOW (handmade or a component of handmade). All products must be made by the applicant, original design, in Canada). Photography is acceptable provided the photos are taken by the applicant. Non-handmade items are strictly prohibited.
  3. If applying to Etsy branded shows – Applicant MUST have an active Etsy Shop (active means at least one item in shop) in order to apply. * If you do not have an etsy shop, set-up one today and get 20 free listings
  4. ALL FOOD VENDORS must display their commercial kitchen license as per Alberta Health requirements


  1. Payments are due, upon acceptance & within two weeks upon receipt of invoice.
  2. Late payments past two weeks subject to a $15 late fee.
  3. Exhibitor fees are non-refundable upon acceptance.
  4. If non-payment by date supplied, show management reserves the right to allot the space to another exhibitor.
  5. Payments can be made by email money transfer and credit card.


  1. Exhibition space includes the rented square footage listed on your invoice. The exhibition space also includes cleaning of your rented space.
  2. Vendor fees do not include table or chairs. Display is vendor responsibility. Limited tables & chairs are available for rent from the venue.
  3. Subletting or renting a portion of the exhibition space without written permission is strictly prohibited.
  4. Your exhibition space must look professional and inviting. If you need help designing your space, post in the ETSY EDMONTON FACEBOOK GROUP for support.


  1. Exhibition space must be fully set-up and occupied 30 minutes prior to the show starting.
  2. Exhibitors may begin to dismantle their booth at the show closing. No space may be taken down in part or whole prior to the end of the show.
  3. Exhibitors that take down their booth or leave prior to show closing will NOT be invited to future events.
  4. Exhibitors are required to listen and obey instructions by Show Management, Venue Staff, etc.


  1. An exhibitor may cancel their application but will not receive a refund. After initial payment and upon acceptance of application the exhibitor fee and deposits are non-refundable.
  2. Should an exhibitor cancel or fail to attend on event day, Show Management reserves the right to retain all payments (upon acceptance of application the exhibitor fee is non-refundable) and/or
  3. Re-rent the exhibition space without compensation to the original exhibitor rental.
  4. Vendors must adhere to a good neighbour policy which means you will send all show management concerns to show managers before complaining publicly, be friendly to other makers and participate in openly promoting the show. Please help each other for a shared success. Disputes between vendors must be handled professionally and if required show management can act as a mediator but is not responsible for outcomes or any monetary costs or damages incurred. Be excellent to each other.
  5. You are solely responsible for obtaining all permits, licenses, facilities, insurance, and approvals reasonably required to sell your products at the show. Marissa Loewen Enterprises Inc/On the Spot Pop Ups will not be responsible for any costs, damages, theft or economic loss resulting from your failure to comply with this term. If any government agency, court, person or commercial body orders sale of your products cease, you will immediately comply with this order.
  6. You will indemnify Marissa Loewen Enterprises Inc/On the Spot Pop Ups for any loss, fine, penalty, judgement, legal fees, and expenses reasonably connected with your failure to comply with the terms of this agreement or any liability, negligence, gross negligence or injury resulting from your products, actions, conduct, booth setup, display or trade activities.
  7. Marissa Loewen Enterprises Inc/On the Spot Pop Ups may amend or update these terms from time to time and you agree to be bound by such future amendments or updates.


Q: What is Etsy Made in Canada?

A: Etsy: Made in Canada is a national grassroots initiative celebrating the crafters, collectors and artisans in local communities across Canada. Powered by our community leaders and supported by like-minded partners and community support organizations across the country, Etsy: Made in Canada marketplaces will pop-up in 40+ cities throughout Spring 2018. Etsy artisans will sell their handmade wares and vintage goods to local buyers in the markets, each of which will represent the spirit of the local community.

Q: Is this an official ETSY event?
A: If a show is branded as Etsy Made in Canada then Yes. All other shows may refer to Etsy Edmonton in our branding but are On the Spot Pop Up shows. For more information please visits etsy.com/madeincanada

Q: Can I apply to a Show?

A: If you have an Etsy shop and sell handmade then yes you can apply to Etsy Made in Canada shows. All other shows we require vendors make, bake or create their goods. We also accept vintage & up cycled items in all of our shows. We do not accept any direct sales in our shows.

Q: I don’t have an Etsy shop, can I still apply to an Etsy Made in Canada Show:

A: Yes, open one TODAY. Here, use our promo code:

https://etsy.me/2ClmBUn and get 40 free listings

Once your shop is live you may apply.

Q: Can I volunteer?

A: Yes please! Please email onthespotcraftsale@gmail.com

Q: Is there sponsorship or partnership opportunities for your shows?

A: Absolutely! Please email onthespotcraftsale@gmail.com

I have more questions, who do I contact:?
A: Please email onthespotcraftsale@gmail.com