Do you have a space you would like us to look at for upcoming pop up craft sales and vendor opportunities? If so, we definitely want to hear from you.

We will work with completely empty spaces or if you have a fully functioning business with an open lobby. We can work vendors into hotels, business lobbies, coffee shops, and really anywhere we can fit 6-12 vendors in.

Benefits to You

  • We incorporate previously empty space and transform it into a profitable fully functioning retail opportunity.
  • We pay to stay! If that space is empty, it’s not making you a profit. Let us help you make some income between permanent lease-holders or turn empty space in your existing business into a retail space with customers.
  • We will list you as a sponsor and provide your name, address and even website on all marketing materials.
  • By supporting local shops, you’re giving back to your community.

Contact us at to discuss possible partnerships in your neighbourhood.