Welcome to On the Spot Pop Ups, Bouquet of Crochet, so what do you make?

We make crochet toys with personality!  From dinosaurs to sock monkeys to owls to octopuses, no two are the same.  We also make some kitchen accessories, bags, blankets, baby sets and other small gift items.

What makes your business unique?

Our business is unique in that we aren’t actually a business!  We’re a mom and daughter team, who are in it for the fun and not for the profit.  We just love crochet so much and want to share its awesome versatility with the world, we made so many things we had to start selling them!  We love the market scene and always have a great time.

How long have you been in business?

This summer marks the fourth year of our market adventures!

What do you love about Edmonton?

The people are Edmonton’s best feature!  Edmontonians are committed supporters of buying local, and can be depended to come together in the bad times, and celebrate together in the good.